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Use this guide to find resources for music performance, including LC call number browsing ranges for repertoire, books, and journals..

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Finding Repertoire for Voice:

If you're looking for new repertoire to perform, it is often helpful to browse the Music Library's scores. The following call number ranges are for vocal music; individual works within these numbers are arranged alphabetically by composer or arranger:

  • M1495, Collections containing both sacred and secular vocal music
  • M1500, Operas, musicals (full scores)
  • M1503, Operas, musicals (piano/vocal scores)
  • M1507, Operatic, musical anthologies/selections
  • M1528-29, Duets, trios, etc. for voice and various accompaniments
  • M1613, Voice and orchestra or other ensemble
  • M1619, Collections of 2 or more composers
  • M1619.5, Specific poets
  • M1620, Collections of one composer
  • M1621, Separate works
  • M1621.4, Song cycles
  • M1623, Accompaniment of one instrument other than piano
  • M1630.18, Popular music collections
  • M1669-70, Spirituals
  • M2000, Oratorios (full scores)
  • M2003, Oratorios (piano/vocal scores)
  • M2110, Anthologies (sacred)
  • M2112, Collections of one composer (sacred)
  • M2113, Separate songs (sacred)
  • M2113.4, Song cycles (sacred)
  • M2117, Hymnals

If you are browsing for song texts, translations, biographies, instruction, and diction resources, the following call number ranges are suggested: 

  • ML48-ML54 -- Libretti, translations, and texts
  • ML128.S3 -- Songs - Bibliography
  • ML128. V7 -- Vocal Music - Bibliography
  • ML1400-ML1460 -- General: by period, by region, or country
  • ML1600-ML2881 -- Secular vocal music-History and criticism
  • ML2500-ML2881 -- Songs and part songs-History and criticism
  • MT820-MT949 -- Singing and voice culture

Suggested Titles


The Wilson Music Library subscribes to a number of music journals, including those published by the major professional organizations for various instruments. Reading journals in your area of study is part of being a professional musician - you can learn about major performers and repertoire, new works, festivals, scholarships, and more. Some of these journals are issued only in print (current issues can be found on the browsing periodicals shelving near the book stacks), but many are available online.

Choral Journal       Classical Singer       Journal of Singing      Opera News     Opera Quarterly

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