Performer Guides

Use this guide to find resources for music performance, including LC call number browsing ranges for repertoire, books, and journals..

Finding Repertoire for the Harp:

If you're looking for new repertoire to perform, it is often helpful to browse the Music Library's scores. The following call number ranges are for harp music; individual works within these numbers are arranged alphabetically by composer or arranger:

  • M115-119, Harp alone
  • M272-M273, Harp and piano
  • M292-M293, Duets, two plectral instruments
  • M294-M295, Duets, with one string instrument
  • M296-M297, Duets, with one wind instrument
  • M1036, Harp with orchestra (full score)
  • M1037, Harp with orchestra (piano reduction)
  • M1136, Harp with string orchestra (full score)
  • M1137, Harp with string orchestra (piano reduction)

Etudes and instructional materials are classified in the MT range and housed in the same location as books about music (MLs):

  • MT540 - General Works
  • MT542 - Systems and Methods
  • MT545 - Studies and Exercises
  • MT546 - Orchestral Studies

Selected Books on the Harp and Harpists

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