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Performer Guides: Harp

Use this guide to find resources for music performance, including LC call number browsing ranges for repertoire, books, and journals..

Finding Repertoire:

If you're looking for new repertoire to perform, it is often helpful to browse the Music Library's scores. The following call number ranges are for harp music; individual works within these numbers are arranged alphabetically by composer or arranger:

M115-119, Harp alone
M272-M273, Harp and piano
M292-M293, Duets, two plectral instruments
M294-M295, Duets, with one string instrument
M296-M297, Duets, with one wind instrument
M1036, Harp with orchestra (full score)
M1037, Harp with orchestra (piano reduction)
M1136, Harp with string orchestra (full score)
M1137, Harp with string orchestra (piano reduction)

Harp Bibliographies: 

Bibliographies compile lists of materials by topic. The Music Library owns several bibliographies related to harp music. These volumes can help you to find repertoire by composer, difficulty level, etc.

Books on the Harp:

In addition to the titles listed below, you can browse for books about the harp in the following call number ranges:

ML419, biographies of instrumentalists
ML1005-ML1008, harp - general, history and construction, music and playing

Looking for Something Specific? Use Library Search!

Excerpts, Etudes, and Method Books:

Etudes and instructional materials are classified in the MT range and housed in the same location as books about music (MLs):

MT540 - General Works:

  • Example: Yolanda Kondonassis, On Playing the Harp (New York: Carl Fischer, 2003), call no. MT540 .K65 2003.

MT542 - Systems and Methods:

  • Example: Carlos Salzedo, Modern Study of the Harp (New York: G. Schirmer, 1948), call no. MT542 .S262.

MT545 - Studies and Exercises:

  • Example: Marcel Grandjany, Four Etudes (New York: Lyra Music, 1981), call no. MT545 .G73.

MT546 - Orchestral Studies:

  • Example: Giacomo Puccini, Puccini Operas: Orchestral Studies for the Harp ([New York]: Lyra Music, [1981]), call no. MT546 .P961 O6.

Online Resources for Harp:

The American Harp Society - The organization for harp students, teachers, researchers, and enthusiasts, the American Harp Society publishes the American Harp Journal and sponsors national conferences and competitions.

International Harp Archives - Housed in the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University, the International Harp Archives contains the archives of the American Harp Society, the World Harp Congress, and the personal collections of many harpists.

World Harp Congress - Founded in 1981, the World Harp Congress is an international organization devoted to promoting the harp. The organization hosts an international congress every three years and publishes the World Harp Congress Review biannually.