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Stage & Screen: The Star Quality of Vanderbilt's Performing Arts Collections: Film & TV


For more information about the exhibits Marty, The Petrified Forest, and Fantasia, please contact Celia Walker.

Film & Television

Great performances, whether they are on television or film, cast a spell on their viewers and we,sitting in the dark theatre, are entranced. It may be 105 degrees outside or snowing like mad but inside we are oblivious to temperature and time.  Truly great art suspends our disbelief, allowing us to think for a short while that we are in the Stardust Ballroom with Marty Piletti or bailing water with the Sorcerer's Apprentice.  It takes hundreds of talented individuals to make a performance appear effortless—the costume designers, directors, lighting crew and set designers all work behind the scenes, often with little recognition, to create these moments of genius.

Photo Caption: RKO Radio Pictures, Inc., Walt Disney Takes You behind the Scenes!, 1937, photograph, Francis Robinson Collection, Vanderbilt University Special Collections

Special Collections Resources

Vanderbilt University's Special Collections holds a wealth of materials about television and film production from the view of the director (Delbert Mann), the agent/collector (Francis Robinson), the executive (Julian Goodman) and the journalist (Louis Nicholas).  The James G. Stahlman Autograph Collection contains hundreds of celebrity signatures, including Walt Disney's.

Advocates - [TV Program]

Goodman, Julian B. Papers

Mann, Delbert Papers

Mann, Delbert Papers - Addition

Louis Thurston Nicolas Papers

Francis Arthur Robinson Papers

Robinson, Francis Arthur Papers - Addition

James G. Stahlman Collection

WSM Radio and Television Collection

Photo Caption: Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., Watch the Kitten: Leslie Howard and Humphrey Bogart Relax between Scenes of the Warner Picturization of Last Year's Stage Success, "The Petrified Forest," 1936, photograph, Francis Robinson Collection, Vanderbilt University Special Collections