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LAW 7278 - International Intellectual Property Law - Gervais: Find Cases

Interactive Courts Info Map, from an IIPI/USPTO joint project

Click this map to get to the interactive version on the International Intellectual Property Institute website.

The interactive map will show you court information in the right column for any country clicked on the map or,
using the scroll bar, select from the text listing and then scroll back to the top to read the information.

To return to the map from the PDF 2012 "full study" view for certain countries, click your browser's " " Back button.


Lexis Advance

Bloomberg Law

Oxford Reports on International Law

EPO National Statutory and Court Information

The downloadable "Patent Litigation in Europe" from the EPO provides flowcharts showing the judicial process for patent related matters in the courts for each of the European Patent Convention member states.

The report also provides some pages of textual information in its 126 pages for each member country. The report is free, but an Email address needs to be submitted.

Where Do Specific Countries Publish Case Law?