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LAW 7278 - International Intellectual Property Law - Gervais: Beijing Treaty Negotiation History

Secondary Sources

Let's find some books and articles on the negotiation of the Beijing Treaty.

It helps to know the name and date of the conference where the treaty was negotiated.

June 2012, the Beijing Diplomatic Conference of the WIPO

Search for additional secondary sources using the catalogs and databases provided on this page.

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Also try searching the indexes below for the terms Paris and 10bis. (Don't worry, indexes are just another kind of database that mostly contains citations rather than full-text.)

Search Terms

Try these search terms

"Beijing Diplomatic Conference"

"Beijing Diplomatic Conference of the WIPO"

"Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances"

Subject Headings

Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances (2012 June 24)

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