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BSCI 1510L Literature and Stats Guide: 4 For further information

Introduction to Biological Sciences lab, first semester

4 For further information

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Additional web resources on critical analysis and scientific writing

How to read a scientific article. Rice University.

How to cite sources in scientific literature. Timothy Allen. Dartmouth College.

Anatomy of an Article. Arizona State University.

Writing for Science. University of Leicester.

Review of active vs. passive voice in scientific writing.

General outline of a research report. Vanderbilt University.

Clarifying long, complicated sentences. Vanderbilt University.

Eliminating unnecessary words. Vanderbilt University.

Writing a bioinformatics research paper.

Example figure legends:

Figure legend writing:

Developing an Academic Voice for Writing. Vanderbilt University.

Calculating Final Concentrations for Methods.

Frey, P. A. (2003). Guidelines for writing research papers. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education31(4), 237-241.

Specific suggestions for structuring papers. Angel Borja.

Creative Thinking/ Analysis

Moving from Description to Analysis. Vanderbilt University.

Critical Appraisal of Scientific Articles.

Critical Analysis of Biomedical Publications.