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Classical and Mediterranean Studies Resources: Finding Books

Vanderbilt Universities Library Catalog

Vanderbilt University Library Catalog

Use the library catalog to search the holdings of ALL 8 Vanderbilt Libraries.   

You can use it to find:

  • Books
  • DVDs & Videos
  • Periodicals
  • Reserve materials
  • and more...

You Might Find...

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  • Use AND to combine terms & narrow your search
    • example: exile AND Ovid
  • Use OR to search for related terms & expand your search
    • example; poetry OR epic
  • Use * to truncate a word & return all possible endings
    • example: sculptur(will return sculpture, sculptures, sculptural, etc.)
  • Use ALL CAPS for AND and OR

Browsing for Books

Another option is to browse the STACKS for books.  The following call # areas might be of interest to you:

B 108-708  Philosophy - Ancient  5th floor
BL 700-820  Religions - Classical (Etruscan, Greek, Roman)
CC  Archaeology  3rd floor
CJ 301-763  Numismatics - Greek Coins
CJ 801-1139  Numismatics - Roman Coins
CN 120-760  Inscriptions, Epigraphy
DE 1-100  History of the Greco-Roman World  8th floor
DF 1-649  History of Greece (Ancient and Medieval)
DG 1-538  History of Italy (Roman Civilization, Culture)
DS 1-289  History of Asia (Near East)  6th floor
DT 1-383  History of Africa (Egypt and North Africa)
KJA 2-3660      Roman Law  5th floor
N 5300-7418  History of Art - Classical Art  8th floor
NA 270-712  Classical Architecture
NX 503  Classical Tradition in Arts
PA  Greek Language & Literature. Latin Language & Literature  7th floor
PA 3517-3564  Greek Literature - Criticism & Interpretation
PA  3601-3681  Greek Literature - Translations
PA 3818-4500  Greek Literature - Individual Authors
PA 6141-6144  Latin Literature - Criticism & Interpretation
PA 6155-6191  Latin Literature - Translations
PA 6207-6971  Latin Literature -  Individual Authors