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BSCI 1511L Statistics Manual: Statistics Manual

Introduction to Biological Sciences lab, second semester

Statistics manual for the second semester

This is the landing page for the statistics manual for the second semester of the Intro to Biological Sciences lab.  To go to a section of this guide, dropdown the subpages under this tab.  Click here to go to the Excel Reference and Statistics Manual for the first semester.  

Other references

Here is a free online statistics reference:

Here is the companion website that explains how to do the examples using R:

I hacked some of the examples from this website for the R instructions in this guide.

An excellent text for learning stats and for reference is Whitlock, M.C. and D. Schluter. 2015. The Analysis of Biological Data. Roberts and Company Publishers, Greenwood Village, Colorado. (Second edition).  The website associated with the book:

also includes R scripts for the examples in the book.

The library has some resources on using R for non-biology applications, including graphing: