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Introduction to Biological Sciences lab, second semester

BSCI 111b course guide

This guide provides background information for the second semester of the Introduction to Biological Sciences lab (BSCI 111b).  The material for each week's lab is organized under a tab for that week.  Drop down the list of subpages to read the content for that week.

Java and simulations

Depending on the device you are using to view this guide, you may or may not be able to use the various models and simulations linked from the guide.  In many cases, they are unsigned Java applets and some computers may have issues with launching them.  On PCs, it is necessary to lower the security level on the Java control panel.  To do that, click on Start, then search for "Java Control Panel".  On the Security tab, slide the security level to  Medium.  This should allow the applets to run after you click on the appropriate warnings.  Alternatively, you can add the domain names for the applets to the Exception Site List (although that would be a pain). 

Commonly used links

Use the following link to view your score and the questions that you missed on the tests.  (Your score will also appear on the OAK gradebook, which is found on the individual OAK section for your section.)


College of Arts and Sciences Academic Regulations (includes college policy on class attendance and excused absences):

About this guide

The material in this guide was for the most part written by Steve Baskauf.  Acknowledgement should also be made to the contributions of faculty and staff who have been associated with the course, including Charles Sissom, Caron Houston, Sara Samoray, Jordan Utley, Jill Neblett, Vanessa Crocker, Kim Norton, Monica Red, Marjorie Wilson, Mark Woelfle, Mary Bartley, Steve Garrison, and many TAs who have made suggestions for improving the course over the years.  The incorporation of the experimental design component to the course was supported by a grant from the Venture Fund of the Vanderbilt University College of Arts and Sciences. 

The Scientific Literature Guide contains material from "Guidelines for Writing Scientific Papers" written by Sandra Steingraber in 1985, with subsequent modification by Dr. Claudia Jolls, Dr. Debra Goldberg, and others.  It is used here by permission of the author. This material has been heavily edited so it is no longer possible to sort out all of the text is quoted verbatim from the original guide.  If you use material from this guide, please acknowledge these other contributors.

Some images were obtained from sources outside of Vanderbilt.  In those cases, I have tried to properly acknowledge the sources and use them according to the terms of their licenses.  When a figure has no specific attribution, it was produced to be used with this course.  With the exception of material from outside the course, the content of this guide is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY).  To cite this guide, please use the following:

Baskauf, Steven J. 2014. Introduction to Biological Sciences Lab (BSCI 111b) Course Guide. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA.

Please note that this guide is subject to change continuously and without notice.