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BSCI 1511L Statistics Manual: Syllabus VI. ResponseCard (“Clicker”), ResponseWare, and Reading Assessment Quiz (RAQ) Information

Introduction to Biological Sciences lab, second semester

A. RAQ Options

  1. There are two ways to take the RAQ: the ResponseCard NXT (“clicker”) or using ResponseWare software for a portable device (iPod, laptop, etc.).
  2. If you already own a clicker then there is no additional cost to use it for this class. If you do not own a clicker, it is a cheaper option to purchase the ResponseWare Software ($15.00) instead of the XR Card ($53.35 from the bookstore).  A single ResponseWare license can be used on any number of portable devices by a single user. 

B. TurningPoint ResponseCard

  1. You can purchase the ResponseCard at the Vanderbilt Bookstore. Cost (in 2014) for new is $53.35, for used is $40.00. You might be able to purchase a clicker directly from TurningPoint Technologies ( or used online.
  2. You are responsible for coming to class with a working clicker. We do not provide alternative forms of the Reading Assessment Quiz (RAQ).
  3. Please mark your clicker with your identification. They can be misplaced or accidentally swapped with a friend very easily.
  4. The default channel for the RAQ quiz is channel 41.

C. ResponseWare Software

  1. Cell Phone Applications- Download your application for a mobile device at Follow the instructions on the website.
  2. You need to purchase a ResponseWare software license at using the Vanderbilt discount code. A one-year license is $15.00 per year (RWW-12); a four-year license is $32.00 (RWW-48). You will be contacted by Turning Technologies via email with payment confirmation and your License ID.
  3. You must create a ResponseWare account to activate your software license:
    1. Log into
    2. Click  “Manage Account”
    3. Click  “Create Account”
    4. Click the box to indicate you have read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Agreement
    5. “Agree” to the License Agreement
    6. Enter the required information and click “Create Account”
    7. Your Device ID will be 8 alpha numeric digits and will be in red. Please make note of this ID number.

D. Registering Your ResponseCard ID or ResponseWare Device ID on OAK

  1. Log on to OAK, select the combined section of your lab class (it should look something like "A&S BSCI 111A - Intro Biological Sci Lab")
  2. Click on ‘Tools’ in the menu at the left of the page.
  3. Click on ‘TurningPoint Registration Tool’
  4. Enter and confirm your Device ID (6 character code on the back of your clicker or 8 digit code given when you create a ResponseWare account)

E. Troubleshooting Problems with the ResponseCard

  1. Check the batteries (2 AAA)
  2. Contact Jordan Utley at if you would like to test your clicker before a RAQ.  With used clickers, sometimes problems can be fixed with a firmware update and we can assist you with that.
  3. Exchange at the Vanderbilt Bookstore (receipt not necessary)
  4. Visit

F. How do I use ResponseWare on my mobile device?

  1. If you are using a iPhone, or iPod Touch: Open the application, enter the Session ID provided at the beginning of lab, then log in using your account information.
  2. If you are using a laptop, Windows Mobile device, or Android: Go to the website, enter the Session ID provided at the beginning of lab, then log in using your account information.
  3. If you are having trouble using your ResponseWare or logging in, there is a document provided by the Vanderbilt School of Nursing posted on OAK under Course Information (“Quickstart Guide for ResponseWare “) that gives more information on the software.

G. Frequently Asked Questions about clickers and Reading Assessment Quizzes (RAQs)

  1. Question: What if I am late to class and miss the quiz?

Answer: There are no make-up quizzes. If you have an excuse for being late, you may take that up with Dr. Baskauf.


  1. Question: What if I am attending a different class than the one I normally attend?

Answer: If you are making up an excused absence, you may take the RAQ as usual, but you must sign in at the front desk after the RAQ is over to ensure that you receive credit.


  1. Question: What if I purchased a different clicker during the semester?

Answer: Make sure to register your new ResponseCard on OAK. You may take the RAQ as usual, but you must sign in at the front desk after the RAQ is over to ensure that you receive credit.


  1. Question: How do I find out my scores for the RAQs?

Answer: Grades for each RAQ will be posted on OAK in the Gradebook.  Please allow one week for grade postings. 


  1. Question: Do I need to bring my clicker to class every day?

Answer: Yes!