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BSCI 1511L Statistics Manual: Schedule of experiments - 2015

Introduction to Biological Sciences lab, second semester

Schedule of Experiments 2015

Schedule of Experiments, Spring 2015

Week of: Experiment:
Jan 6-9 1. The Organization of Life: Biodiversity and Phylogenetics
Jan 13-16 2. Microscopes, Model Organisms, and Setup of Tribolium
Jan 20-23 3. Plant Reproduction and Diversity, and Observation of Gametophytes of Ceratopteris richardii
Jan 27-30 4. Neuron Simulation
Feb 3-6 5. Structure and Function of Eyes
Feb 10-13 6. Muscle Physiology
Feb 17-20 7. Immunology and the Molecular Basis of Mendelian Alleles
Feb 24-27 8. Mendelian Genetics
Mar 3-6 Spring break
Mar 10-13 9. Introduction to Drosophila melanogaster
Mar 17-20 10. Vegetation Sampling (on-campus field trip) and Introduction to Population Genetics
Mar 24-27 11. Drosophila F1 Generation and Simulation of Evolution
Mar 31-Apr 3 12. Analysis of Interspecific Competition in Tribolium
Apr 7-10 13. Analysis of Chromosomal Linkage
Apr 14-17 14. Biodiversity Analysis of Vegetation Sampling