Business Resources for the Undergraduate Business Minor

Career Research

As you begin your research into possible careers and employment possibilities, you should begin with the following databases:

Career Resources in the Vanderbilt Libraries

Job and Internship Searches

When you're ready to start applying for internship and jobs, use the following database to build a list of companies by: industry; geography; size of company; status of company; etc. 

To prep for an interview, use the following database to access industry specific information including "Executive Insight" by C-Suite position, along with Call Prep questions: 

Try the following websites: 

If you have identified a company that you'd like to explore regarding jobs and career opportunities, go directly to their website and look for their career section. Words/links to look for include:

  • About Us
  • Careers
  • Working for Us

If you can't find a career section of the company's website, search for the company name AND jobs OR career.  

Resume and Interview Prep Resources in the Vanderbilt Libraries