Business Resources for the Undergraduate Business Minor

The Virtual Library Experience

Your classes have moved online, and the Library is here to help!

  • Access databases, journals and e-books online using your VUnet ID & password
  • Work directly with a librarian!

Remote Access to the UBM Workstation using VMware and DUO

During this time of remote academic work, resources normally available on the computer workstation in the UBM/MGRL Studies office in Calhoun Hall are physically inaccessible. We have a workaround to access some of those resources using VMWare (Virtual Machine) and DUO so that you are essentially sitting at the Calhoun terminal. 

  1. Download the VMWare software (available for MAC & PC)
  2. Download the DUO mobile app
  3. Once installed, open the VMware Horizon Client on your machine, and click on the server
  4. You will need to login 3 times: once with your VUNet ID and password, next with the DUO passcode, then again with your VUNet ID and password.
  5. On the next screen click on the Access to Management Library icon. You will then be logged into an on-campus terminal! 
  6. Click on either the Capital IQ or EIKON icon on the desktop to launch those platforms.

Using the VM (Virtual Machine) allows you to use the additional resources listed below. Follow this link for details on using CapitalIQ and EIKON.

Vanderbilt University Libraries: Library Resources and Support for Managerial Studies & Undergraduate Business Minor Students

This guide will help you navigate the rich assortment of business resources available at the Vanderbilt University Libraries. While some MGRL Studies or BUS classes have course specific research guides, many do not. This guide highlights quality materials focused on specific business subjects and/or information types, such as company research (including financial data;) industry information; marketing and market research; and business news. In addition, you will find information and help resources specific to the following databases: Bloomberg, ThomsonOne, and CapitalIQ. 

Please feel free to contact us during your research process for additional help. If you've spent 30 minutes looking and not finding what you need, it's time to ask for assistance. Your librarian can be contacted by email, or you can schedule an appointment for a mutually convenient time via the links at the bottom left of this page. 

The Information Universe

Types of Business Information

Doing business research is different than other types of academic research because of the unique nature of information and data in the field, along with the needs of the business researcher. Business information generally needs to up to the minute (current) and from a reliable source. 

Thinking about the types of business information available will help you determine the best resources for your research needs. Types and producers of business information include: 

  • Analyst reports 
  • SEC Filings 
  • Financial data
  • SWOT analysis
  • PEST/PESTLE reports
  • Annual reports 
  • Journal articles 
  • Market research reports
  • News articles
  • Trade publications
  • White/grey literature from "thought leaders" and associations
  • Government reports, data and documentation
  • Industry reports
  • Industry experts
  • Trade or professional association