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Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

On the Bloomberg Terminal type BMC <GO>

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is an interactive introduction to financial markets. It utilizes the Bloomberg Professional Terminal and functions, such as LaunchPad, Bloomberg launched a second ESG certification (separate from BMC) in 2022. 

  • 14 hours, self-paced, e-learning video course
  • Consists of 5 required sections for certificate of completion, with additional optional modules:
    • Core Concepts: 8 hours (4 modules: Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, Equities)
    • Terminal Basics: 2 hours
    • Portfolio Management: 2 hours (launched in August 2019)
    • Equity Options: 2 hours (launched September 2020)
    • Commodities: 2 hours (launched September 2020)
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion (received after completing Core Concepts modules.)
  • Utilizes over 70 Bloomberg Terminal functions

All BMC modules are delivered on the Bloomberg Terminal by video, ear buds required. You do not have to do all modules in one sitting. Having a calculator is handy, you can borrow one from the library.

On the Bloomberg Terminal Type BMC <GO>

Video Modules

Module 1: Economic Indicators: ~ 1 hour

  • Primacy of GDP
  • Monitoring GDP
  • Forecasting GDP

Module 2: Currencies: ~1 hour

  • Currency Market Mechanics
  • Currency Valuation
  • Central Banks and Currencies
  • Currency Risk

Module 3: Fixed Income: ~3 hours

  • The Roots of the Bond Market
  • Bond Valuation Drivers
  • Central Bankers and Interest Rates
  • The Yield Curve and Why it Matters
  • Movements in the Yield Curve

Module 4: Equities: ~3 hours

  • Introducing the Stock Market
  • The Nature of Equities
  • Equity Research
  • Absolute Valuation
  • Relative Valuation

Module 5: Terminal Basics: ~2 hours

  • Using the Terminal
  • Analyzing the Market
  • Exploring the Equity Market
  • Discovering the Fixed Income Market
  • Building an Equity Portfolio

Module 6: Commodities ~ 2 hours

  • Introduction to Commodities
  • Commodity Fundamentals
  • Commodity Players
  • Commodities Trading

Module 7: Equity Options ~ 2 hours

  • Introduction to Stock Options
  • Using the Language of the Options Market
  • The Role of a Stock Options Trader
  • Basic Multi-leg Strategies

Module 8: Portfolio Management: ~2 hours

  • Defining a Portfolio Manager
  • Generating Ideas
  • Building an Equity Portfolio
  • Analyzing a Portfolio
  • Assessing Portfolio Risk

The program will prompt you to take short three to four question exams throughout the modules.

Certificate of Completion
After all Core Concept modules are complete you will be prompted to download a Certificate of Completion.

Supporting Bloomberg Documents

Bloomberg ESG Certification

Added in 2022, the Bloomberg ESG course is a self-paced, e-learning course that teaches learners how to implement ESG strategies and prepare ESG reports for regulators from the perspective of a buy-side asset management firm. As of 2023, the new command BCER <GO> accesses both BMC and ESG certification

Bloomberg ESG consists of 7 modules including key topics like:

  • Intro to ESG and Sustainable Finance
  • Research and Adopting ESG
  • Negative and Positive Screening
  • ESG Integration - Fixed Income
  • ESG Integration - Equities
  • Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism
  • Reporting Sustainability Activities

What You’ll Learn

  • Analyze how asset managers integrate ESG considerations into their investment decision-making process.
  • Explain how shareholder activism influences corporate behavior.
  • Practice tasks within various stages of the investment process.
  • How to report on ESG investment activities for EU funds.

Additional details about the Bloomberg ESG certification are available in:

Crack, T. F. (14, June, 2023.) Bloomberg Environmental Social Governance (ESG): Certification for Students (and Their Professors.) Available at SSRN:

FactSet Certification

FactSet offers multiple certification courses, including: FactSet Core, Productivity Suite, Portfolio Analysis and Universal Screening. To complete these certficiations, students must register for individual accounts. 

Refinitiv Workspace Certification