LibGuides Best Practices: Box Type Examples

Tips, suggestions, templates, and best practices for creating a LibGuide.

Standard Box Type

The Standard box is the most commonly used box type.  It offers many options for adding content to a guide:


Screenshot of Standard Box Type Options

Gallery Box Type

Année Philologique

lndex for research in Classics. Entries cover articles, books, book reviews, Festschrifte, and other collections dealing with the ancient Greek and Roman world, from the second millennium BCE to approximately 800 CE.

Athena Parthenos


Index of material on all areas of Mediterranean and and Near Eastern archaeology and philology from prehistory to the Byzantine era. Citations for books, book reviews, chapters, articles, and festschriften.

The Emergence of the Classical Style in Greek Sculpture

The Female Portrait Statue in the Greek World

Tabbed Box Type

Each tab in a tabbed box works just like a standard box type.

Profile Box Type

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Ramona Romero
She, her, hers
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