LibGuides Best Practices: All About Boxes

Tips, suggestions, templates, and best practices for creating a LibGuide.

How Many Types of Boxes Are There?

There are 4 available box types in LibGuides:


A standard box displays content items (i.e. text, images, links, etc.) directly on your page. This is the simplest and most common box type.


A tabbed box is like combining several standard boxes in one, each visible by clicking on a tab. This can help you organize related content inside of a single box, but try to use these sparingly -- too many tabs and tabbed boxes can make a page difficult to navigate.


A gallery box contains slides of content that, similar to a slide show, users can scroll through. You can create slides containing an image, a Book from the Catalog asset, a Database from your A-Z Database List, a guide screenshot, or an event from our LibCal system. Gallery boxes can be customized to display multiple slides at once and even scroll automatically.


You can add a profile box to any page, which can be configured to display the profile box for any user in our LibGuides system.

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