LibGuides Best Practices: User accounts

Tips, suggestions, templates, and best practices for creating a LibGuide.

libGuides User Accounts Guidelines

There are three types of user accounts in LibGuides: Admin, Regular, and Editor: 

  • Admin users will have access to everything
  • Editors can not create guides, can only edit guides they are assigned to 
  • Regular users can create guides in selected group
    • they can be given admin rights to certain groups 
    • they can have special permission to perform system-wide tasks

Vanderbilt Libguides user accounts are created based on the following guidelines:  

  • The majority of Libguides users will be  

  • Regular user 

  • with no additional permissions 

  • Have regular access to their own group (groups are created based on library/functional area) 

  • Each group will have a group admin, group admin can manage guides within their library group, customize group settings, templates, and styles, they are 

  • Regular user  

  • Has a special permission to “Edit All Guides”  

  • Have Admin access to their own group  

  • Some “special permission” are granted to Regular-level users for them to perform system-wide tasks.  

  • Additional Permission to “Manage Assets” for e-resource staff to maintain and edit database A-Z list  

  • Additional permission to “Manage Subjects/Tags/Friendly URLs” for system wide LTI integration 

To Maintain system security and integrity, user accounts, especially Admin accounts, will be reviewed annually. 

We never intend to limit staff access to the systems but felt strongly that staff access should follow university standards, not more than what they needed, to keep the system secure, manageable, and accountable.  

Please review your accounts, if you see something you need or should have access to, but missing, feel free to submit an INFORM, LTDS will work with you to review your account setup and access.

Different levels of User Accounts

What they can do:  

  • System settings, header/footer/styles/templates, security, integration   

  • User creation/deletion  

  • Guides delete/transfer ownership

Who they are:  

  • LTDS members: for account management and tech support

  • Assessment Librarian: to get full access to all stats

Each library/group will have a group admin to manage guides within their library group:    

What they can do 

  • Group settings, templates, and styles   

  • need to be given "Edit all guides" rights to be able to edit guides within the group if they desire 

Who they are:  

  • Biomed: Philip Walker  

  • Central: Pam Morgan, Ramona Romero  

  • Divinity: Chris Benda  

  • Law: Meredith Capps  

  • Management: Kelly LaVoice, Robbi De Peri   

  • Music: Sara Manus   

  • Peabody: Melissa Mallon 

  • Science: Honora Eskridge and Sciref (Science and Engineering Library) 

  • Collection: Erin Loree, Julie Loder  

  • Cataloging, Metadata and Preservation: nobody identified, since there is 0 guide in the group  

  • Heard Group: Melissa Mallon, Pam Morgan, Ramona Romero 

The followings are Regular users with special rights:    

  • E-resource staff to maintain Database A-Z list:  
    • They are “regular users” with permission to “edit assets” 
  • Liaison librarians on LTI Integration task force
    • "regular users" with permission to "Manage subjects/tags/friendly URLs".