LibGuides Best Practices: Adding Your Guide to Brightspace

Tips, suggestions, templates, and best practices for creating a LibGuide.

Adding Your Course Guide to Brightspace

Example using Research Guide for CLAS 1150 – Roman Civilization 

  • Go to the edit view of your research guide in LibGuides 

  • Click on the gear icon, and select Guide Metadata 

LibGuides - Guide Metadata Link

  • Click on the Custom Metadata tab 

LibGuides - Custom Metadata Tab

  • In the Name column enter LTI  - L(assie)T(ango)I(da)
  • In the Value column enter the course number CLAS 1150-01
    • Make sure there is a space between the subject prefix and the course number: CLAS[space]1150-01 
  • Check the Box in the Public column 

LibGuides - LTI Custom Metadata

  • If a course has more than one section, you must add the section number.  You can locate the section number(s) in the Class Search system 

LibGuides - LTI, Course Section Example