Tests and Measurements

This resource guide contains a variety of sources that you will want to consult when searching for information on tests and measurements.

Published Tests

Published or standardized tests are instruments that have been commercially published by a test publisher. These instruments are administered and scored in a consistent, or "standard" manner. The validity and reliability of the instrument are two essential elements for defining the standard quality of the test. These tests are generally only available from the publisher and often come in the form of kits or multiple booklets. They can be very costly if purchased.

Famous examples of published tests:

  • ACT (formerly American College Testing)
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
  • MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)
  • SAT (formerly Scholastic Aptitude Test)

Unpublished Tests

Unpublished or non-standardized tests are instruments that have been published in books and journals but have not been published by a test publishing company. If a user decides to use an unpublished test, there are a few ethical responsibilities involved. First, the author of the test needs to be contacted and the user needs to request permission to use the test, and secondly if the material is copyrighted, permission to use the test must be made in writing.

Please note: The process to locate the original author of a test or measure may be difficult, but every effort should be made to contact the author or copyright holder if possible.