MUSL 1650 - History of Rock Music - Gunderman

A guide to library resources and services that will help students to complete their artist paper assignment.

Basic Search Function

When using the basic search function, you will want to make sure to check the box "full-text" and "exclude reviews." This will give you full-record results where you will be able to view the PDF and exclude reviews that won't assist in writing your artist paper. 

Basic search bar

Advanced Search

The "Advanced Search" function will be useful for your artist paper when you want to narrow your results. You can use Boolean searching by adding search terms together. You will still need to click "full text" and "exclude reviews." You can select the type of source you want: article, magazines, or scholarly journals. 

Citation Generator

Music Periodicals Database has citation generators at the end of the articles. Using citation generators can be helpful, but you always should double check your work using Chicago Manual of Style Online

Music periodicals article title

Citation generator