MUSL 1650 - History of Rock Music - Gunderman

A guide to library resources and services that will help students to complete their artist paper assignment.

What am I searching?

Drop down menu showing different types of searches in the library search bar

Everything: Most of the resources available from the Vanderbilt Libraries. This default search combines the Library Catalog and the Articles options. 

Library Catalog: Books, e-books, journals and periodicals, media, music, and more. Search does not include articles. 

Articles: Full text articles, e-book chapters, and other content. 

Course Reserves: Everything currently on reserve for Vanderbilt courses. 

Tips to refine your search results!

Phrase Searching: search using quotation marks around your search phrase when the phrase should appear in that exact order. For names or titles, you should enclose using quotation marks. For example, in my example searching the catalog I searched "Elvis Presley" in quotation marks as a phrase to eliminate any other findings with the word Elvis or Presley as a keyword. 

Refine your results using filters: on the left hand side of your screen you will see filters. Refine your results by format type, date range, and available online or held by your library to narrow your findings and limit scrolling through catalog records. 

After you gathered background information and have more insight on the topic and keywords you will use in your search, we can now search the library catalog to find print books, electronic books, and articles. We can also search a few databases that are relevant to rock and popular music that may be of value to explore to find a source. You will work on gathering sources on your solo artist or group and analyze your findings to then construct your research paper and argument. 

Finding Print & Electronic Books

Use the Library Search to search the library catalog. Select "library catalog from the dropdown menu to just search print books, e-books, media, and music. Place your solo artist or group in " " to ensure that you are searching the entire phrase and not two separate words. 

Searching elvis presley in the Vanderbilt Libraries library search bar

Format your results:

Use the format function on the left-hand side of the screen to narrow your search to just books in the collection. 

Format function for search to limit to books