Doctor of Education (Ed.D) Research (LPO, LLO): Business

This guide consists of a collection of resources frequently used by Ed.D Students.

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Types of Business Information

Doing business research is different than other types of academic research because of the unique nature of information and data in the field, along with the needs of the business researcher. Business information generally needs to up to the minute (current) and from a reliable source. 

Thinking about the types of business information available will help you determine the best resources for your research needs. Types and producers of business information include: 

  • Analyst reports 
  • SEC Filings 
  • Financial data
  • SWOT analysis
  • PEST/PESTLE reports
  • Annual reports 
  • Journal articles 
  • Market research reports
  • News articles
  • Trade publications
  • White/grey literature from "thought leaders" and associations
  • Government reports, data and documentation
  • Industry reports
  • Industry experts
  • Trade or professional association

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