Doctor of Education (Ed.D) Research (LPO, LLO): Video Tutorials

This guide consists of a collection of resources frequently used by Ed.D Students.

LLO 8110 Literature Review

For LLO 8110, you will be conducting a literature review. For more information on how to write a literature review, please check out our guide linked below or preview the presentation listed on the right:

Once you have located an article that you want to investigate further, you can follow the research forward to find citing articles. Citing articles are articles that reference and build upon the original article you selected.

There are two main ways to locate citing articles. You can copy the article title and search for it in the Web of Science database and Google Scholar.

In Web of Science, once you have located the original article, you should see a number of citations linked on the right side of your screen. Click on the number and it will take you to the list of citations. Once there you can use the "Refine Results" search box on the left to search within the list.

In Google Scholar, one you have located the original article, underneath the item's record you should see a "Cited by #". Click on that link to reveal a new search with a list of citing articles. If you click the check box that says "Search within citing articles" and you can enter keywords in the search box to search within that list as well.

Note: Google Scholar is a great way to search for global research on your topic. However, it includes a wide variety of source types in the search results including peer-reviewed articles, dissertations, theses, open access articles, reports, book reviews, and more. You will need to review the sources you have selected to make sure they meet the criteria for you assignment.

Video - Literature Reviews Webinar (39:49 mins)

PDF - Literature Reviews Webinar Slides

Video - Organizing Research & Using Zotero (28:30 mins)