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General Circulation Documentation: Creating User Records in Alma

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Creating User Records in Alma:

Records that are not loaded into Alma must be manually created. Always search for a user record before creating a new one. If a match is found, click on the record and select "Open for Update." If no record is found, select "Register New User."


The User Information fields in an Alma record for new user registration.



  • Patron Has Institutional Record - this works as a toggle switch. Selecting yes indicates that the data will be overwritten by the owning system during the next scheduled feed, using the information entered in the primary identifier (VU-NET ID - is this Oracle or still called EDI?). Choose this when you are registering a VU-affiliated user.

  • For non-VU affiliates, keep the toggle set as no. Enter a temporary password (how will this be constructed), and check the box next to "Force password change on next login."