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General Circulation Documentation: Alumni VUNetID Reactivation and Creation

Procedures, forms and templates, circulation statistics and policies, & legacy documentation

Reactivation or Creation of Alumni VUNetIDs

Alumni without a VUNetID may request one through the Ask a Librarian service or by emailing To expedite the request, an email address (a VUNetID cannot be created without an email address), the school from which the requestor graduated, and the year of the requestor’s graduation should be included.

VUNetIDs for Alumni need to be reactivated yearly at

Databases available to alumni

A list of databases available to the graduates of Vanderbilt University’s undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs is available here.

Immediate Printing Needs?

Alumni without a VUNetID who need to print immediately should purchase a printing card.  It may take thirty minutes to an hour after the VUNetID is activated before the owner can log in to add Commodore Cash.

Add Commodore Cash

Commodore Cash can be added in person at the Card Office in Sarratt, at a CBORD card terminal, or online at: