MUSL 1650 - History of Rock Music - Gunderman: Getting Started

A guide to library resources and services that will help students to complete their artist paper assignment.


I have created a tutorial that will show you how to use two online library resources (DiscoverLibrary and Rock's Backpages) to find information for your artist paper. Click here to access the tutorial.

Your Librarian

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Sara Manus
Music Librarian for Education and Outreach / Anne Potter Wilson Music Library, 2134B / Blair School of Music / 2400 Blakemore Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212

Be Brilliant! Use the Wilson Music Library!

This Research Guide is designed to help you complete the artist paper assignment for MUSL 1650. While some of the information sources listed are available online, I strongly encourage you to visit the Wilson Music Library to consult the print reference materials available to you. As the Music Librarian for Education and Outreach, my primary responsibility is teaching students and faculty to use the library effectively, and I encourage you to come see me if you have any questions about your research for this paper. You can schedule a research consultation with me via e-mail, phone, or the "Schedule Appointment" link; see my contact information in the box on the left. If I am not available, my colleagues at the Wilson Music Library are happy to assist you.

The Wilson Music Library is located in the Blair School of Music (no. 7 on the map below). Our normal operating hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 am until 10 pm, Friday, 8 am until 5 pm, and Sunday, 2-10 pm (we are closed on Saturdays).

  • Don't wait until the last minute to look for sources for your paper!  I'm sure that you are given this advice every semester, but there are approximately 150 students enrolled in MUSL 1650 who will all need to use the same resources. Planning ahead can save you time and stress.
  • You probably won't find a book about the artist or group that you want to write about, but that's okay! There are lots of other resources available to help you find articles and other related materials on your artist.
  • Think broadly about your topic. Since you are building a case to include your artist in the History of Rock curriculum, spend some time researching the musical genres and performers that influenced your artist. Comparing and contrasting your artist with others is a solid strategy for building your case.
  • Take the time to explore the library resources that are available to you! While some things are available online, others can only be found in the Music Library's reference section. The walk over to Blair is worth your time!