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Vanderbilt Television News Archive Tutorials : Ordering

A how to guide for account creation, finding content, ordering news episodes or segments, creating a Media Account, and receiving content in the Media Account.

how to complete an order

This tutorial will show you how to complete an order. We assume you have already added clips to your cart. If you have not already created an account, logged in, selected your clips, please follow the instructions in previous tutorials first. If you are logged in, view the contents of your cart by clicking on the shopping cart at the top of the screen

screenshot of the home page with a shopping cart in the upper righthand corner.

Once you have clicked on the shopping cart you the see a list of Compilation Clips and or Duplications that are in your cart this provides metadata about the clip or duplication, price of each clip or duplication and the total costs.

screenshot of a shopping cart with items.

To check out these selections, click Checkout Now

screenshot of the location of the Check Out Now button

This brings us to the Shipping Instructions

screenshot of Shipping Instructions

Under Shipping Options, Electronic Delivery will already be selected   Under Requested Media, USB Drive will already be selected   Leave these AS IS.
Please be advised that currently all loans are being sent electronically via a download folder from your Media Account. Creating and accessing your media account will be discussed in a separate tutorial.
Click Continue Checkout

screenshot of the location of the Continue Checkout button

This brings us to Verify Shipping Address

screenshot of the verify shipping address page

Please verify your shipping address and contact information and then click Continue Checkout

screenshot of the location of the Continue Checkout button

This brings us to the Loan Agreement

screenshot of the loan agreement statments.

Please review the loan agreement, after reading the agreement, click the box below I agree to the terms of this agreement, to accept the terms of the loan agreement.

screenshot of the bottom of the agreement.

Next, click Continue Checkout

screenshot of the location of the Continue Checkout button

This bring us to Pay Service Fee for Loan Request

screenshot of the Pay Service fee page.

On this page the Order Subtotal, Shipping Cost (none of this time), and Total payment required for the loan are displayed.
Under Method of Payment, select Credit Card for the drop down. then click Continue Checkout to continue

screenshot of the location of the next continue button.

Next enter your credit card information

screenshot of the payment screen.

And click Pay Now

screenshot of the bottom of the payment screen.

This displays the order confirmation. You will see that your order is complete and the order number, the stats of your order, shipping costs, and the total charges for your loan request.

screenshot of a completed order form.

From here you can search the archive, return to the home page, or logout by clicking logout at the bottom of the page.