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Stata (pronounced either STATE-uh or STAT-uh) is a powerful software package capable of advanced statistical analysis and graphic representation of data.

Since its release in 1985, researchers across a range of fields--from economics and sociology to epidemiology and public policy--have gravitated toward Stata's elegant design and intuitive workflow.  Today it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Unix.  Supported by an active user base, a popular web forum, annual conferences, and a dedicated scholarly journal, Stata continues to advance in exciting new directions.    

Whether you are a Stata newbie seeking a simple introduction or an experienced user pursuing esoteric analyses, this collection of videos, tutorials, walkthroughs, expert advice, and other resources should serve as a solid point of departure. 

A Guide to this Guide

This guide covers numerous topics and draws on a variety of sources, but ultimately may be divided into two distinct parts:

  • the first part, which begins with the Accessing the Software page, connects the user to courses, texts, videos, and other media that provide direct Stata instruction;
  • the second part, which begins with the Stata Documentation page, features blogs, technical fora, scholarly journals, and other sources that should inspire continued interest, experimentation, and growth. 


Users may jump to individual pages by clicking on the horizontal tabs at the upper left or by following the links below 

Accessing the Software - explains how Vanderbilt University users may access, use, and/or purchase the software

Academic Tutorials & Workshops - provides links to instructional programs maintained by colleges and universities

O'Reilly Courses - introduces asynchronous instructional video courses on Stata that are free to VU users

StataCorp Courses - provides information on StataCorp's official, paid instructional courses

Videos: Getting Acquainted with Stata - includes a selection of instructional videos for users just getting started in Stata

Videos: Managing Data - covers topics like data management, dataset manipulation, and variable transformation

Videos: Putting Stata to Work - collects videos detailing data visualization and regression analysis tasks

Stata Documentation - reviews Stata's >17,000 pages of documentation

Statalist - provides information on Stata's official online discussion forum, Statalist

Blogs - collects Stata-related blogs

Stata Journal - links to and describes Stata's quarterly peer-reviewed periodical

Conferences - explores Stata conferences in the United States and abroad

Quick Links - reprints all links that appear in this guide