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StataCorp offers two kinds of paid instructional courses: NetCourse and NetCourseNow.  These courses appear to be well regarded and some users may prefer their structure to the relatively unstructured tutorials and workshops reviewed on the previous pages. 



StataCorp offers a series of paid, asynchronous, prescheduled group instructional classes called NetCourses:

"NetCourses are designed to help you learn Stata.  Scheduled courses run for six to seven weeks with weekly lessons that can be viewed at your convenience.  You can ask course leaders questions and communicate with other NetCourse participants using the course discussion board."

Course Descriptions


Fall & Winter 2022-2023 Enrollment and Pricing



In addition to NetCourse, StataCorp also offers a series of paid, asynchronous, unscheduled independent instructional classes called NetCourseNow:

"Stata NetCourses are web-based courses that provide training on using Stata; they vary in length from six to seven weeks. A NetCourseNow offers the same material, but enables you to move at your own pace and to specify a starting date. With a NetCourseNow, you also have the added benefit of a personal NetCourse instructor who you can email directly with questions about lessons and exercises. Also a NetCourse requires that you have access to the most recent version of Stata wheras a NetCourseNow only requires that you have access to either of the two most recent versions of Stata."

Course Descriptions


Enrollment and Pricing