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RPW 2610W A Hands-On History of the American Research University - Loss, Meadows: WW I and the Great Depression

Library research guide for "RPW2610W A Hands-On History of the American Research University."


World War I (1914-1918) was one of the largest wars in history, culminating the in nine million combat deaths and thirteen million civilian casualties.  Genocide programs and and the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918 resulted in an additional 17-100 million additional deaths worldwide.  

The stock market crash in 1929 led to wide spread financial ruin for investors and businesses.  By 1933, the low point of the economic crisis, 15 million American workers were unemployed and nearly half of the nation's banks had failed.  International trade fell by over 30% during the crisis, and the economic downturn spread across the globe, encompassing Africa, Asia, Australis, Europe, and the Americas.

See some of the collections listed below for more information about this historical period and its affect on Vanderbilt's history.

Primary Sources

You will need to log into the Sanborn Maps database before following these links to individual pages. 

Secondary Sources

Chapter 4: Imperfect though we are: wars against the Great Depression, totalitarianism, and Jim Crow