Law Library 101: Balcony Level (Map Level 3)

An introduction to the law library, designed to help new Vanderbilt students succeed in their use of the law library and to succeed in law school study.

Wellness Collection

The Wellness Collection contains books regarding a variety of topics including alternative legal careers for lawyers, addiction, and stress management for lawyers. You can learn more about this collection on teh corresponding Research Guide, Wellness Literature at the Massey Law Library, which includes several e-book versions of the print materials included in the collection.

Main Stacks

The main collection of library materials is located on the balcony level. Titles are arranged by Library of Congress call number.

Periodicals Room

The bound periodicals, international materials, and the remainder of the reporters are housed in the Periodicals Room.

Tarkington Reading Room (Quiet Space)

The Tarkington Suite contains the Tarkington Reading Room, a classroom, and the Law IT department.

The Tarkington Reading Room is one of the quietest study spaces in the library. Please be respectful of your fellow library users. Report any disturbances to the Service Desk.

A charging station for mobile devices is available to the left, next to the comfortable chairs.

Balcony Level (Map Level 3)

Balcony Level (Map Level 3)