Law Library 101: Digital Research Help

An introduction to the law library, designed to help new Vanderbilt students succeed in their use of the law library and to succeed in law school study.


We have many legal databases that will help you with legal research. You can access the most commonly used legal databases from the law library homepage.

You can find a complete list of all the online legal databases in the A-Z Database List. Some of the databases have restricted access. Please be aware of the symbol key which indicates the restriction of access to each database.

Library Research Guides

All research guides are created by librarians. It can be very helpful to use a research guide as a starting point for your research to find the proper databases and sources for your research topic.

Other law schools have useful research guides as well. Feel free to browse research guides at the following law school library websites:

Mobile Apps

Did you know that there are many Apps that you can use on your mobile devices to facilitate your studies at the law school? Here is a list of the most commonly used mobile apps:

Other helpful apps include the following:

Note Taking and Task Management Apps:

Cloud File Organization & Storage:

Legal news: 

Stay up to date with the latest in legal news and follow Supreme Court cases with the ABA Journal and the SCOTUSblog apps. Both apps are free.

Photo-to-PDF converters:

Instead of scanning and copying from large case law books, students can use these camera apps to take pictures of journals and case reviews and download the images in PDF form straight to their phone or tablet.

Collaborative To-Dos: