ILS Training & Documentation: Alma - Res Mgmt & Serials

This guide will serve as a central portal of essential and supplemental documents, videos, and links to prepare Vanderbilt University Library Staff for the upcoming ILS implementation.

Key Tasks and Functions for Resource Management & Print Serials

Import new records into Alma (individual and batch). Overlay/merge brief records with full records. Search external resources (e.g., OCLC)
Import records for copy-cataloging. Batch update bibs and items. Print spine labels.
Suppress (shadow) records from public display. Creating & receiving print serial predictions Claiming & binding print serials

Resources - Cataloging and managing inventory, as well as importing and publishing inventory information.


  • Jake Schaub, Music Library
  • Zora Breeding, Metadata Services
  • Christy Ryan, Law Library
  • Will Stringfellow, GIMS

Training Documentation