ILS Training & Documentation: Basic Fulfillment Training

This guide will serve as a central portal of essential and supplemental documents, videos, and links to prepare Vanderbilt University Library Staff for the upcoming ILS implementation.

Basic Fulfillment Tasks:

The blue menu at the top of the screen is the main navigation bar in Alma. It is arranged by user roles, with each role featuring a drop-down of various tasks. Which tasks you see in the drop-downs are based on your assigned roles. If you perform certain tasks often, click on the star to the left of the task to add it to your quick links. Quick links can then be accessed by clicking on the white star in the main navigation bar. Alma also has a persistent search box with its own drop-down menu for searching a variety of fields.

You can also add widgets to your welcome screen by clicking on the + sign. Some examples of widgets are the organization calendar, tasks, notifications, and monthly loan statistics. 

Here's an example of what your home screen could look like in Alma after adding some widgets:

To check out books to a user, select "User Management" from the Fulfillment menu. Swipe the user's ID card, or click on the bulleted icon to search and select the user from a list.

Once you have the user record open, scan the barcodes of the items that they want to check out.

To discharge library materials, select "Return Items" from the Fulfillment menu. Note that you can change the return date and time by using the override box on the right.

In Alma, renewals and due date changes are handled by looking up the user record.

If a user wants to renew everything on their account, select "renew all." Otherwise, check the box on the left of each item that should be renewed, and choose "renew selected items."

If you need to choose an item's due date after it has been checked out, check the box next to the appropriate item and select "change due date."