ILS Training & Documentation: Alma - Acquisitions

This guide will serve as a central portal of essential and supplemental documents, videos, and links to prepare Vanderbilt University Library Staff for the upcoming ILS implementation.

Key Functions and Tasks for Acquisitions:

Create orders. Search for orders and view details. Receive orders.
Activate e-resources. Add local e-resources. Manage the acquisition of e-resources (licensing, trials, etc.)
Create an invoice manually. Create batch invoices. Claims processing.

Acquisitions - Purchasing physical and electronic materials, as well as managing invoices, vendors, and licenses.

Best Practices Toolkit


Julie Glascock, Director of A&E

Monica Sanchez, Coordinator of Acquisitions

Erin Loree, Librarian for Electronic Resources

Rebecca Moore, Electronic Resources Librarian

Erin Peters, Electronic Resources Librarian