ILS Training & Documentation: FAQs

This guide will serve as a central portal of essential and supplemental documents, videos, and links to prepare Vanderbilt University Library Staff for the upcoming ILS implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers!)

Q. Is PrimoVE in Beta?

a. No! PrimoVE is an established deployment model of Primo; while there may be tweaks and upgrades (just like with any system), it is fully functioning. Many academic libraries have already moved to PrimoVE.

Q: Why do I not have the User Manager role?

  1. User Manager is used for staff and imports.  Patron services (Circulation Operator/Manager roles) can add and edit patron records.

Q: I cannot see how to check out materials?

  1. In most cases, the staff member had not selected a location. If you see "None" in the upper right corner (by your Profile settings icon), click the drop-down arrow and select your location.

Q. Why does Alma timeout after a period of inactivity?

a. Unfortunately, the timeout is scheduled after 60 minutes of inactivity, and cannot be changed. More information is available here.