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Sexuality Research Guide: Birth Control/Contraception

From Vanderbilt's Collection

Organizations & Other Resources

What Works/What Doesn't

From MTV's It's Your (Sex) Life, details about a wide variety of forms of birth control. Click on the image below to get more information.

What Works/What Doesn't

China's One Child Policy: Marketplace (American Public Media)

"Marketplace Shanghai Bureau Chief Scott Tong concludes his three-year posting in China with an in-depth series about the controversial policy that restricts many Chinese families to having no more than one child. In this multimedia series we look at how the one-child policy in China came into being 30 years ago and how it has evolved."

Useful Library of Congress Subject Headings

To get a sense of what we might have on the topic of birth control and/or contraception, try a "SUBJECT begins with" search in Library Catalog using one of the sample Library of Congress Subject Headings listed below:

  • Birth control United States History
  • Intrauterine contraceptives industry United States
  • Oral contraceptives Side effects
  • Population policy