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Sexuality Research Guide: Books

Search Library Catalog, Vanderbilt's Library Catalog


Library Catalog Search Tips

1. Use AND to combine terms

example:  Helios AND Art

2. Use OR to search related terms

example:  Myth OR Folklore

3. Use $ to truncate a word and return all possible endings

example:  Myth$

(searches for all variants of the word myth e.g. myth, myths, mythology, mythological...)

Useful Library of Congress Subject Headings

Subject heading searches can introduce you to a large number of books on a specific topic available in the libraries.

To get a sense of the breadth of our collections, try a "SUBJECT begins with" search in Library Catalog using one of the sample Library of Congress Subject Headings listed below:

Birth control Religious aspects Islam


Sexual abstinence study and teaching

Erotic films United States History and criticism

Sexually transmitted diseases Early works to 1800

Fertilization in vitro, Human Law and legislation United States

Sterilization (Birth control) United States History 20th century

Oral contraceptives Side effects

Teenage pregnancy prevention

Population policy

Trials (Abortion)

Sex-oriented businesses

Young adults Sexual behavior United States

Finding Books in Other Libraries?

There are thousands of library catalogs out there and only one of you.

It's time for every researcher's secret weapon:


WorldCat contains more than 125 million records describing items owned by U.S. libraries and libraries around the world.  

These items include books, manuscripts, musical scores, films, newspapers, etc.