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Vanderbilt TV News Archive

How to Perform a Basic Search

This tutorial shows the basic search functions. Navigate to TV News Archive. To start, be sure you have created an account and are logged in.   Once you are logged in, click search at the top of the page.

screenshot of clicking search at the top of the page

This opens the search page.

screenshot of the search page

In the "Enter your Keywords (Required)" field enter your keywords, then click search.

Search Tips: multiple words are not taken literally. The search will show results for any of the words, ranking results with all words together first.

screenshot of entering some keywords

This will return the results of you search.

screenshot of search results

From the results page you may click on the title of the program or Details /Video to display the record for the results.

screenshot of clicking on Details/video

Doing so will display the record

screenshot of a typical record

The record displays metadata for the specific record and a viewer that will allow you to view the specific clip.

Note: if you are not affiliated with and on an authorized network for Vanderbilt, or a sponsoring institution, you will not be able to view the video. If you wish to borrow the clip, click Add Clip

screenshot of clicking add clip

This will add the clip to your cart.

screenshot of a shopping cart with one or more clip

Click on the cart to view the contents of your cart.

screenshot of clicking on the shopping cart in the top right corner

This displays the contents of your cart.

screenshot of a shopping cart


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