MGT 6360: Marketing Fundamentals

Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles  

Reports from consulting firms, industry stakeholders and business research and news.


Consumers and user perceptions

Article Database Highlight

Searching Tips

  • The * means find all words that have the same root: self-driv* finds self-driver, self-driving, etc.
  • The OR in each line means that only one of the words MUST be present for a match in the results.
  • The right side choices of Subject, Abstract, Title require WHERE the keywords MUST appear.  Try different combinations to shake out different results. The example below shows SU/AB/TI, try: TI/SU/AB, etc.

Search Example #1: shows how to find information about customers.

Search Example #2: shows how to find information about a specific company. Since this is a technology topic, which means it changes quickly, you don't need to read articles that are more than a year or two old.

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