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CMA 2400 — History of World Cinema — Fay

Getting Better Search Results


In order to get the most useful set of search results when you're using ProQuest to search for movie reviews and other articles in major newspapers, try broadening your search by including not only the year that your film was released but also the year following. It may also be a good idea to include the year preceding. Say you were searching for 42nd Street, which was released on 11 March 1933. The default search might be 01/01/1933-12/31/1933. But try also plugging in 01/01/1932-12/31/1933, or even 01/01/1932-12/31/1934. That way you'll be sure not to miss any hits that might result because the movie was released in the later part of a year but didn't get heavily publicized until the following year. You'll also catch any pre-release press.