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Vanderbilt Television News Archive Tutorials : Retrieve Your Order

A how to guide for account creation, finding content, ordering news episodes or segments, creating a Media Account, and receiving content in the Media Account.

Retrieve Your Order

This tutorial will explain how to retrieve a shared asset from your media account. 


Media Account


To begin you must be signed into your Media Account as shown here

Check Email 


With your Media Account open, open a new browser window and navigate to your email account and look for an email with the subject “Shared Assets: A selection of assets was sent to you”. In many instances this email may be found in your junk or spam email folder. 


Click to open the email. 


This opens an email that contains the Terms of Use for your loan and a link to the Media Account folder for your loan. 


Click the link to open the assets in your Media Account  


This opens the shared assets in your Media Account folder. 


Media Account Folder

Click the play button on the icon for the asset to display more options and information about the assets  


This displays your assets, provides metadata, and allows you to view your asset. 

Click on the play button to play your asset. 

You have successfully retrieved and viewed an asset in your Media Account folder.