Course Reading List Tool

Submitting List to the Library

Once you have completed the list you will need to submit it to the library for processing.

Adding an Item

Simply click the button SEND LIST. This will transmit the list to the library to be processed.  

  • Please note, any items that require copyright permissions will not be viewable by the students until the library has completed the copyright process.

Publishing Your Reading List

  • By default, your list is not shared with students. You need to publish it to make it visible to your students.
  • Click the at the top of your reading list.

  • Select Publish to open the publish dialog box. When you publish your list, you should choose Course Students.
  • Click Confirm to close the dialog box and publish your list.

Sharing your List

Now that you have created and published your list you may want to share the list with colleagues. There are several ways to share your list:

  • First, you can add VU colleagues as collaborators to your list by clicking Manage collaborators on the right sidebar.

Image Collaborators

  • Start typing a VU faculty or staff member’s name or email address.
  • Select the correct person when it appears.
  • Click the blue Send Invitation button.

Image adding collaborators