Course Reading List Tool

Creating Sections

Your list can be divided into one or more sections. This can help you organize your readings.

Image Organizing List

  • Click New Section.
  • Enter a Title. The description and dates are optional but can be helpful to your students.
  • Click Create when you are done.
  • Repeat to create more sections.
  • You can expand and collapse the sections by using the toggle section view icon near the top of the screen. 

Image toggle section view

  • To reorder sections, click on the section name and drag it to the preferred location.
  • You can edit the section information by clicking on the  to the right of the section name and selecting Edit Section. 

Image Editing a Section

  • This will open a dialog box allowing you to change the title, dates, and description. Click save when you have made all of your changes.

Adding Section Information

Editing Resources

  • The Course Reading List tool will automatically include all the bibliographic data from the library catalog.
  • If you want to add additional information to the item, click the  beside the item title and select Edit item. This will open a dialog box where you can edit the imported metadata.  
  • You can also delete an item by clicking the  and selecting Delete Item.

Image deleting an item

You have the option to designate which readings are Fair Use. Please use the tag option Fair Use by clicking Add tags to item, to note which readings you are claiming.  All readings not marked with the Fair Use tag, if VU does not own it, will be submitted through copyright clearance. The Fair Use Checklist is available for your use.  If you are unsure of Fair Use, please contact your subject liaison librarian.

Image adding a tag

  • Then, click the Add tags box.
  • The Fair Use tags will be visible to the students as well as library staff.
  • Click save when you are done adding the tag.

Clicking on the resource will open a new page with additional editing options.

Image adding additional resource info

  • You can add a Due Date to the resource.
  • You can add Public or Private Note.
  • Your students will be able to see the public note.
  • Only you can see the Private Note.
  • You can set dates during which the citation and item will be visible to students.