Course Reading List Tool

Adding the Course Reading List to Brightspace

Add the Course Reading List tool to your Brightspace course in a few easy steps.

  • After you log into Brightspace, click Content and then Add a Module, naming it Course Readings.
  • Once a module is created select the Existing Activities button.
  • From there you will select External Learning Tools

Image adding a module  Image existing activities 

  • Select the Course Reading List option from External Learning Tools
  • The Course Reading List has now been linked to the module you created
  • For ease of access you will now need to modify the Course Reading List link
  • Click the down arrow, and select Edit Properties In-place
  • Next click on the box next to Open as External Resource


Creating the Course Reading List

  • Here you will have the option to Create a new reading list.

  • Select the Create It button the Title of the course will default to how it appears in the registrar's office. (This may take a few seconds for it to autopopulate.)

  • Select a template.


  • You should now see the Course Reserves interface. Your screen should look like the figure below.