Course Reading List Tool

Add Resources

  • You can add resources to individual sections by clicking the + button on the rightAdding an Item

  • This will open a dialog box where you can search library resources. To add a resource not held by the library, click the "Add item manually / Upload file" link at the top of the dialog box.

  • By default, you will search in the library catalog, but you can change this setting by selecting another option in the Search Library drop-down menu. The other search options are Search Everything, Library Catalog, Articles & More, Course Reserves, WorldCat, and TV News Archives.

  • For most cases, leaving the defaults (Simple Search in the Library Catalog) will be appropriate. Enter in a search term in the text box, and click search.

    • You can also search by Title, Author, ISBN, ISSN, Call Number and DOI. 

  • Your results will appear in the dialog box below your search query.

  • Click the resource you want to add and click the blue ADD button. Note: clicking this button multiple times will add the item to your list each time. You can also drag and drop the title directly to the reading list.

  • You can continue to add as many resources as you would like.

  • Students can view online resources by clicking View online.
    • If there is only one entry point it will automatically open a new tab with the resource.
    • If there are multiple options, it will list all the relevant databases.
    • All the links go through the library, preventing potential access problems.

Adding a Reading from the Catalog

Once you have created a Course Reading List, you can add records from the Library Catalog.

  • Search the Library Catalog to find the record you wish to add.

  • Click on the record to display the action list, then click on the Reading List action.
    • For course instructors the following dialog box opens:

  • In the dialog box, you can choose to add the record to a Course Reading List or to your personal collection (for later review).
  • Select the desired Reading List and section for this record.
  • Click Add to Reading List to submit your selection.

Cite It!

The Course Reading List system has a toolbar widget, Cite It!, that allows you to cite a web page or an item on a web page. 

Image Cit It!         Image Cite It Bookmark

  • To install Cite It! you can simply drag and drop the link to your browser's toolbar.
  • To add an item to your reading list using Cite It! simply click Cite It! and a pop-up appears with the item's details.
  • The Course Reading List Tool must be open for Cite It! to work.