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LibGuide Accessibility Best Practices

How you can make your websites and documents more accessible.

The first consideration with images – does it add context to your text?

  1. ​Decorative images are ok, as long as they don’t detract from what you’re saying.
  2. Crop or resize your images, if necessary, to make the image file smaller.
    • SpringShare recommends “80-150 KB for standard images and between 250-350 KB for larger images”.
    • Tools such as Web Resizer and Optimizilla can help with image size management.


  3. Don’t copy and paste images into LibGuides.
    • It will generate a LOT of unnecessary HTML code.
    • Upload the image into your Image Manager where you can also organize images into Folders.


  4. Use descriptive file names.
    • Bad: 00001IMG_00001_BURST20180117092521.JPG
    • Good: catalogsearch_WGS1111_Hammer.jpg


  5. Provide descriptive alt-text information.

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