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LibGuide Accessibility Best Practices

How you can make your websites and documents more accessible.

Why Does Accessibility Matter?

Some Vanderbilt facts:

  • 12,824 students in 2018 - 2019
  • 1,000+ requests for accommodations (per Student Access Services)

While not all of these requests were for print disability accommodations, it is easy to incorporate most (if not all) of these best practices into the design of a LibGuide or Word document to assist with screen readers.

This will optimize your LibGuides and Word documents use in library instruction for people who use screen readers to assist them with their learning and teaching. 

Check out this Disability Simulator, if you have questions about how people with various disabilities might view your LibGuides (or webpages):

  Funkify (Chrome) / (Firefox)

SpringShare's Best Practices for Building LibGuides & Accessibility incorporates accessibility into many of its best practices. 

These pages will give you enough information and access to additional resources to ensure that your LibGuides are accessible by the most people.

For more detailed information, additional resources have been linked at the bottom of many sections. 

Additional Reading