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Resources for Law Student Research Assistants

There are now countless research guides, many available for free on the web, detailing resources and research strategies for a host of subject areas, including legal research. These guides may provide a valuable starting point for researchers new to a particular topic, or serve to refresh or update a researcher's recollections of areas in which they have prior research experience. In searching for a relevant research guide online, consider the publishing institution's reputation and expertise, and whether the guide has been recently updated.

Legal Research Guide Examples

Vanderbilt Law Library Research Guides

Guides created by Vanderbilt law librarians are designed with Vanderbilt law patrons in mind, and will include subscription resources available at Vanderbilt, with appropriate links to VU content that may prompt users to enter VU credentials

Other Law Library Guides

Guides created by librarians at other institutions may discuss resources that are not available at Vanderbilt, and/or may include institution-specific links to subscription content that is available at Vanderbilt, but that VU patron must access from our campus or via our servers.  Below are just a few examples; researchers can typically readily locate guides such as these through a simple keyword search on the web.

Select Vanderbilt Non-Law Research Guides

If you are doing interdisciplinary research, consider consulting guides created by librarians at Vanderbilt with expertise in your subject area to identify VU resources relevant to your research (see the full list of the many subjects for which VU librarians have created guides).  You may also wish to contact librarians with expertise in non-law subjects; utilize the Librarians by Subject list to identify relevant professionals and contact them with targeted questions or to schedule a research consultation.  Example of some guides relevant to common interdisciplinary questions include: