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Resources for Law Student Research Assistants

Although you are already familiar with Westlaw and Lexis, the law library offers dozens of other legal databases that offer both primary source and secondary source material that is not available in Westlaw or Lexis. A full list of databases offering legal content is available at the Law Databases A-Z web page, where you can browse databases by title, or search their descriptions to identify relevant resources. We have highlighted a few valuable databases below; consult your librarian to determine which databases are more suitable for your assignment.

NOTE: To access most law databases while off campus, begin with Law Databases A-Z.  Select your database, and you will be prompted to enter to your VUNet ID and password to authenticate.

Non-Law Databases

As a Vanderbilt student, you can access not just resources offering significant legal coverage, but most of the nearly 800 databases available to the broader Vanderbilt community.  To locate databases containing content in other disciplines that may be relevant to your research, consult the full list of university databases and browse by subject, or search the database descriptions using the search bar to the upper-right side of the page.  A librarian can also assist you in locating potentially relevant resources.

Select Law Databases